About me

I'm a husband, dog dad, and product designer living and working remotely from Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. I'm a UX Design Lead at BOLD, designing tools to help job seekers create resumes and cover letters.

Life & Interests

I grew up and lived most of my life in Puerto Rico. I got married to my beautiful wife in 2018 and were joined in 2021 by our eternal puppy, Max (go check out his IG). When I'm not designing, I enjoy reading, building Lego, eating, learning new things, attempting to finish video games, or being at home watching tv with my wife.

Here are some of my Interests, in no particular order:

🍎 Apple & Tech β€” I've been a fanboy for life since I got my first iPod. Most podcasts I listen to are about apple, tech, or productivity.

πŸ“šLearning β€” I love learning new skills. The side projects I enjoy the most are the ones that require me to learn something new. Like learning how to change light fixtures, fun, haha.

πŸ“² Apps and Setups β€” I install and try new apps on my devices daily. I love iterating on my home screen and workflows constantly.

🏠 Home Automation β€” I love to automate things in my home with HomeKit and Shortcuts.

πŸš€ Star Wars β€” Of all the geek franchises, Star Wars is my favorite.

🧱 Lego β€” I've been collecting Lego since 1999, mostly star wars. My biggest problem is running out of display space, lol. Check out my collection.

πŸ‘Ύ Pokemon β€” I grew up playing Pokemon Yellow on my Game Boy Color Pikachu Edition. I also collect Pokemon cards.

🎾 Tennis β€” I used to play Tennis a lot, but now I mostly enjoy watching the Grand Slams and bigger tournaments. My fav player is Djokovic.

🏰 Anything Disney related β€” My wife and I are huge Disney fans, the movies, the music, the parks, the merch, the food, everything. Our honeymoon was in Disneyland Paris, and we are planning a trip to Disneyland soon!

Check out my /now page to see what I'm doing now.

I'm the happiest when I'm with my wife. Even more if we are at Disney.

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I'm the one at the far right, leading a workshop at BOLD’s San Francisco office.

I've worked as a UX designer for more than seven years now. I started as a Graphic Designer working freelance on digital campaigns, branding, and websites. After that, I taught first-year UX classes at Ana G. Mendez University. Around 2014 I decided to make the jump to Product Design and joined BOLD.

For my education, I got my BFA in Graphic Design from the Escuela de Artes Plasticas y DiseΓ±o in Puerto Rico. I also did a minor in Industrial Design, which made me fall in love with Product Design. Because that sparked a passion, I decided to go to New York to study Interaction design at the School of Visual Arts after graduating.

Currently, I am the Lead Product Designer for the MyPerfectResume.com product. We focus on designing digital products that help job seekers create and improve the documents they need to apply for a job (Resumes, Cover Letters, etc.). Throughout my six years at BOLD, I've helped grow the UX team from a small group of 5 UX designers to a more mature team of Brand Designers, UX Researchers, UX Writers, and UX Designers.

I'm a very data-centric and process-oriented designer. I spend a lot of time on the intangible parts of a product, like data, documentation, and product strategy, Β to help focus teams and evangelize the direction. I also enjoy working on Design Ops projects like creating and maintaining our Figma Ui Kits. I enjoy positively impacting my team's daily workflow and helping them be more productive.

Learn more about my experience on my Linkedin profile or by downloading my resume.

Around the web

I was a guest in the design podcast Command Z. Listen to my episode:

About this website

In this current iteration of my personal website, I'm trying to steer away from the traditional portfolio-focused website. I want it to be a personal playground where I can learn new skills and freely share my thoughts. You can keep track of the changes & improvements over in my Changelog page.

It was designed in Figma and built on Webflow. I built it before Webflow released their native Figma Plugin so I used FInSweet's Client First which helped me properly structure the HTMLΒ and create CSS classes structure that works best for Webflow. I've made my Styleguide public, in case you want to see all my clases.

I use Things 3 for tasks in combination with Notion for project management and for automating content for pages like bookmarks. I write the content mostly in Craft and in markdown format. The type is currently set to Inter by RSMS, primarily due to decision paralysis.

Maintenance costs: $30/Month (Webflow CMS - $29/month, Domain - $14/Year)

This site is ad-free and will remain that way forever. If you’d like to support my writing and work, I’d love if you could buy me a coffee.

A sitemap is available and there also are RSS feeds for blog posts, and bookmarks/highlights.

I have plans for a dedicated Colophon page, but until then, feel free to ask any questions.

Website stats & analytics

I track analytics via Nocodelytics and Tinylytics. I've made my dashboard public so take a look. I also use Updown to keep track of the websites uptime and get notified if it goes down.

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