My Apple iPhone Event 2023 Wishlist

Apple's September iPhone event is coming up today, and as always, I'm super excited! I've blocked my work calendar so people don't schedule meetings over it. Also, my brother is coming over for a watch party.

As Ramit Sethi says, "Spend extravagantly on the things you love and cut costs mercilessly on the things you don't." For me, upgrading phones every year is something that I love and brings me joy. So, I've created a dedicated savings account where I do monthly transfers; that way, I will already have the money saved when September comes.

Like I did with this year's WWDC, I wanted to write down my wishlist for the event. This is not a rumor or expected post; it's more of my wishlist. If Apple delivers on most of my items, it will be a costly event, haha.

Probable wishes:

iPhone 15 Pro or Ultra

Last year, I upgraded to the iPhone 14 Pro solely for the dynamic island. The fact that the hardware feature directly affected the UI made it something I couldn't miss. If the only changes are the switch to USB-C and better cameras, it would not be enough to make me want to upgrade.

  • Titanium instead of aluminum body. Therefore, I hope it's lighter. This would be the one change that makes me upgrade.
  • USB-C.
  • Action button instead of mute switch, similar to the Apple Watch Ultra.
  • Smaller dynamic island.
  • I hope Apple releases some MagSafe docks or accessories for standby mode.

Apple Watch

I currently have the series 7, and I've been patiently waiting for a year that's worth to upgrade. I want to get the Ultra, but it is too big for my tiny wrists. My watch has a nasty scratch edge to edge. If Apple releases the smaller Ultra, I'll get that; if not, I'll settle for the regular model.

  • Smaller Apple Watch Ultra
  • Action button on the regular watch
  • Affordable titanium option for the regular watch
  • Even longer battery life

Farfetched wishes:

New iPad Mini

Based on rumors, I know this one won't happen, but I can still dream. The iPad Mini is the device I use the most at home, so I'm looking forward to an upgrade. I would kill for a better screen, but I'd settle just for better battery life.

  • Keyboard dock for iPad Mini
  • New smart folios
  • Better battery life
  • Better screen

iPad Pro with OLED display

I have the original 2018 iPad Pro 11. I use it daily with the Magic Keyboard to play Duelingnexus or the Apple Pencil to sketch for work using freeform. Sadly, a few years ago, the iPad fell, and the screen got cracked. I'm using a thin screen protector that has allowed me to continue using the iPad even with the shattered screen, but it's been a while, and I feel it's time for an upgrade.

Smart Home Display

This might be wishful thinking, but I hope Apple surprises and introduces some kind of home smart display using Standby's new UI. It might be too soon. They'd rather wait until iPadOS 18 supports Standby so they can also tie in iPad accessories for the home, similar to the magnetic tablet dock from Google.


Let's see what happens! Stay tuned for my overview!