Testing multiple cases for the iPhone 15 Pro

I recently upgraded to the iPhone 15 Pro, and I love it! It feels much smaller and lighter, and I'm having tons of fun playing with the Action Button. I've been upgrading my iPhone annually and every year, I buy and test multiple cases looking for the perfect one. This year, I wanted to share my insights and maybe help others decide.

Ideally, I prefer not to use a case, but I opt for one when I go outside to prevent accidental drops, particularly in my asphalt-covered parking lot, lol. I like having multiple cases for different occasions, so I mostly settle every year with 1 case for each of these categories I've made up:

  1. Gym case - Need a sporty and durable rubber case that can withstand rough handling at the gym. (Caudabe Sheath from last year)
  2. Everyday case - Looking for a sleek and casual case with no heavy protection, suitable for regular activities. (Apple Silicon from last year)
  3. Fancy occasions - Want a classy leather case to match with my leather link watch band for dressier events. (Apple leather case from last year)

Some requirements I set up for myself when choosing the cases:

  • Has to have MagSafe
  • Has to be black
  • Has to be minimal, not bulky
  • Must not add too much weight to the phone

Apple FineWoven Case

Meh. This will never replace my beloved leather case. Taking the case on and off is too difficult. The charger cutout edges are too sharp. I love the sides' material and the overall feeling of the fine woven texture, but the durability needs to be improved. However, out of all the cases, this is the lightest one at 24 grams.

Apple Silicone Case

CleanShot 2023-09-26 at 16.26.42.png
Dust collecting on Apple's silicon case, maybe the problems are my linty pockets haha.

Almost there. I really, really want to love this case. The quality from Apple is impeccable. But some cons keep me from using it every year. The texture is a bit tacky, and the case quickly gets fingerprints and greasy stains and attracts dust. The cutout for the charging port has sharp edges that hurt my pinky. It’s still pretty light at 28 grams.

Caudabe Sheath

Nice! This is my go-to case every year. I love the unique texture of the material, and it is the most durable and impact-resistant out of all the cases. However, compared to the other cases, it feels the bulkiest and heaviest, coming in at 39 grams.

Spigen Mag Armor

Nice! This one feels great in the hand. The texture feels nice, not as "sticky" as the Apple one. It doesn't get fingerprints or stains and doesn't attract dust. But... I wouldn't say I like the textures they went for the backside.

Elago Silicone

Meh. For starters, I ordered the wrong one and got the non-magsafe version. Regardless, this just feels like a low-budget version of Apple's silicon case, in every way.

There you have it; after testing various iPhone 15 Pro cases, I have found that the Caudabe Sheath and the Spigen Mag Armor are my top choices for a gym and errands case, as they are durable and impact-resistant. For everyday use, the Apple Silicone case is decent. I still have to find a true replacement for the Apple Leather Case. RIP.

Next, I plan to get and test Nomad's and Bellroy's leather cases. I'm also interested in the Speck Magsafe case and Totallee's new Magsafe option case.

I'm curious: what is your favorite iPhone 15 case? Have you tested any new cases for the new iPhones?